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Famous Last Words

Well, Showtime did it! They kept alive the myth that Katherine Howard “would rather die the wife of Culpepper” just before her beheading. That is untrue, and that rumor needs to die (so to speak). Last night’s episode of “The Tudors” didn’t help matters any, but there are also scores of websites and other sources which continue to perpetuate this falsehood.  

On that cold and still day, 13 February 1542, Kitty’s actual last words were that she deserved a thousand deaths for so offending the king who treated her so well. She prayed for Henry, asked the crowd to follow suit, and called upon God to take her soul.  Then –whack! — with one stroke. Next up on the wet, bloody block: royal meddler Lady Rochford. Come on down, you drama-loving nitwit!

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  dewey wingate jr wrote @

i thought that kat went first but on the show lady rad. went first. oh well i guess she deserved to go after all that grorge boylen put threw. i thought she wanted to get kat no according to the show she wanted to help ‘em. as well as get her some calpepper too.

  barbalexander wrote @

Those of higher rank were beheaded first, so Kitty preceded Lady Rochford on the block, in reality. I assume the show reversed these to lead up to the “bigger” event, the queen’s execution.

  dewey wingate jr wrote @

thank you

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