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Tudor Ghost-du-Jour: Elizabeth I

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Elizabeth I was a very busy lady back in the day!  Dodging suitors, offing Catholics, and bringing down the Spanish Armada can really take it out of a girl, so you’d think she’d want to rest in peace these hundreds of years since her death.

Nothin’ doing.  She’s reportedly still among us. Several of her old haunts are now her current…well, haunts. When the Bubonic plague raced through London in 1563, Elizabeth and her court made for Windsor Castle. Visitors from London were not welcome; in fact, Liz called for a quickie gallows set-up at Windsor and executed them. Nice. Anyway, she’s the visitor these days (often in the Royal Library section or at the window in the Dean’s Cloister), always decked out in a black lace shawl and gown.  

When young Elizabeth got word that she was the new queen of England, she’d been staying at her childhood home, Hatfield House. She doesn’t seem to have gotten word that she’s dead because she’s been seen hanging around Hatfield.

As queen, her favorite home was Richmond Palace and it was also there where she breathed her last. Much of the palace is gone today, but busy Liz has been spotted in the surviving gateway. Who says you can’t go home?


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