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Mary I – The “Deadliest Daughter of Henry VIII”?

Front entrance of the London Dungeon.

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C’mon now, London Dungeon, what’s with all the bad press about Mary I? You realize that Henry VIII and Elizabeth did away with tons more Catholics than Mary did Protestants, right? “In her eyes there is only one faith and all those who believe otherwise must be punished” — which was part and parcel of the whole new-religion-on-the-throne act that most of the Tudor monarchs performed, yeah?

Granted, I’ve been to the London Dungeon several times and think it’s fab. I’ll bet this new exhibit is as stellar as the rest of the joint. But (pardon the expression) the lynch-mob mentality regarding Mary Tudor gets real old, real fast. How about some new exhibits in the coming years such as “Dissing the Vatican: Henry’s Dissolution of the Monastaries” or “Cousin, Schmuzin: Beheading Your Catholic Scottish Rival”?


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