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Get Pumped for the 4th and Final Season of The Tudors on Showtime!

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Less than four weeks until the start of the fourth and final season! The big event starts at 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time on Sunday, 11 April for fans in the States (the UK start has not yet been determined). 

While many of us wish the series could go on, history gets a bit sketchy down the road. Exhibit A: the season one composite character of Margaret, Henry VIII’s sister, played in a deeply tanned and full-lipped way by Gabrielle Anwar. In the series, Margaret digs Charles Brandon (like most of the viewing audience) but has to marry the king of Portugal, whom she offs. She then marries Brandon but dies soon afterward.

In reality, Henry VIII had two sisters: Margaret (who married James IV, king of Scotland) and Mary (who did, in fact, marry Charles Brandon and go on to have four children with him). Margaret and James’ granddaughter was Mary, Queen of Scots. No Margaret, no Mary Q of S, none of that Mary Q vs. Elizabeth I jazz.

Futhermore, Mary and Charles Brandon’s granddaughter was Lady Jane Grey, who briefly came in handy between Eddie VI and Mary I. So the composite character of “Margaret Tudor” ixnayed the possibility of tackling true Tudor history post-Eddie.

So a sequel is not to be, but let’s enjoy what was and what’s coming! Pop in to Pop Tudors for a hilarious video recap of last season’s finale. My favorite lines? “[Katherine Howard] is everything [Anne of Cleves] wasn’t: young, slutty, and creepy!” and “Spoiler: Everyone dies on this show.”

There’s a trailer for the final season here, and the new opening credits here. Take a peek behind the scenes of the new season over here.

Got the yummy new poster here. Henry “I Conquered Them All” Ocho is making quite a statement, while Anne of Cleves is not having any of that, Jane Seymour is apparently drying off after a bath, and Kitty Howard is trying to form a spark between her two brain cells.   

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