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Party Like It’s 1539!

This is the weekend that the new and final season of Showtime’s “The Tudors”  hits the small screen in the USA (and for our friends overseas, it’s a good time to buy a plane ticket and stay a while!). Toast the final hurrah of the show that tickled Tudorphiles and won over others with its sheer eye candy and soap-opera storylines. Whether you throw an all-out throwback bash, or just gather a few close gents or ladies-in-waiting around the telly, have fun at the expense of the most luscious yet dysfunctional dynasty in history: 

Dress the part. No costumes? Cleavage will do.

Serve “head-y” snacks — Roast a head of garlic, mix the paste with EVOO and salt/pepper, and spread on baguette slices. Must be a baguette because you might as well introduce something French now–Mary Queen of Scots is just around the corner! Carry on the execution theme with Boar’s Head sliced meats for a cold-cut platter. Chop up a head of lettuce for a salad, as you’ll need something from the veg group. It’s more than the court bothered to do. 

Sip something tasty (perhaps a Bloody Mary?) every time:

  • …the Massive Monarch bellows “I’m the king of England” or inappropriately eyes a court vixen
  • …Charles Brandon seems to be experiencing an internal struggle
  • …Anne of Cleves smiles pleasantly & you can see the “I’m so glad I still have a head” thought bubble above her
  • …Kitty Howard looks clueless and/or giggles
  • …you notice that the executioner or peasants have stumps for teeth while the royals have straight, gleaming choppers
  • …twice if the executioner or peasants have straight, gleaming choppers
  • …something happens and you know that “that’s not really what happened!”
  • …anyone dies

Remember to celebrate the history of this famous family and all those who were involved with it as you celebrate the series. Cheers and happy viewing!


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  dewey wingate jr wrote @

oh yes it is bittersweet. by the grace of God, i will see every little bit, while being sad that this is the final season, if anyone hears of more or other tudors shows, books or anything please do tell [while we have a head on our shoulders.

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