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James VI of Scotland, I of England and Ireland...

James VI of Scotland, I of England and Ireland Deutsch: James I. (1566-1625) mit dem Sancy-Diamanten an der Hutkrempe (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With Liz I’s death in 1603, the Tudor line ended and the Stuart line began with James I. Well, he was James VI of Scotland, but became James I of England and Ireland.

Follow me, here: Scotland had had a separate monarchy since the 9th century, when it became its own country. There were five King Jameses there before Liz’s future heir became Scotland’s king. He was only 13 months old when his mother, Mary Queen of Scots, was whisked away and imprisoned. She later fled to England where she spent 19 years and then became about a foot shorter.

Little James VI had adults to rule for him, of course, until he reached the age of majority, but he was technically the king of Scotland for 36 years before swinging on down to London as the new top dog. And since England had never had a King James previously, he became James I there.

Why do we sometimes see Life After Tudors spelled “Stewart” rather than “Stuart”? It was “Stewart” originally, from way back in the 9th century, but James’ mom, Mary Q of S, actually grew up in France. There was no “w” in the French alphabet at the time, and she would have spelled it “Stuart.” 

Scotland and France were BFFs during the Tudor period, and occasionally beyond that, so “Stewart” and “Stuart” were used interchangeably to describe that post-Tudor dynasty, depending on whether the Scots and the French were playing nicely. Now it is usually spelled “Stuart.” Either way, it spelled d-r-a-m-a  f-r-e-e  for the most part, until the Gunpowder Plot a few years later.



  dewey wingate jr wrote @

i don’t know if you have seen it but it will be wrothwhile for you to go to horrible histories the tudor song it is realy funny and i bet you can see it one time, i have seen it over & over&over———- please let me know you you think? i will be waiting to hear from you

  barbalexander wrote @

Yes, the Horrible Histories stuff is great! You may not have seen that it is listed under “Just for Fun” on my links. Check out the other links there as well and enjoy.

  Luka Novak (@aktarian) wrote @

Uhm Stuart d-r-a-m-a f-r-e-e? One Stuart monarch (successor of James VI & I) loosing his head, civil war and temporary republican government. Gunpowder plot seems like a minor incident against all that. 😉

  barbalexander wrote @

It says “UNTIL the Gunpowder Plot.” Those other events happened after the GP.

  Samantha wrote @

I like that you explained the two numerals after his name. I knew what they were for, but I can see where some wouldn’t get it. I was telling my father recently, how the current Queen could be considered QE I and II b/c Bessie I was not Queen of Scotland. But thats just me being a nit-picky history nerd. 😀

  Claire wrote @

I love you Tudor Tutor.

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