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♪ I Enjoy Be-ing A Girl! ♫

Belle (Disney)

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If you are watching Showtime’s history lesson, you may be getting sick of seeing Katherine Howard gush and coo over every gift and display of royal hoopla by now. She does tend to act like a six-year-old who has just been prettied up and sprinkled with glitter at Disney World’s Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, doesn’t she?

And yet, Kitty really did revel in this stuff! She was thrilled each time she was lavished with some bezaddled whoozit or whatzit, and lit up when she was treated like a pretty, pretty princess. But I can’t blame her, because the poor girl came from nothing and could have never imagined a life such as this.

Her father, Edmund, was one of 23 children in a noble family. He lost everything, but kept his hand out for, well, a hand-out. In his final years, he was reduced to an incontinent. His third wife hit him when he’d helplessly wet their bed, and humiliated him with taunts that only children did such things.

Motherless Kitty had meanwhile been growing up in the home run by her step-grandmother. She was poor, uneducated, and lost in the shuffle. So when she eventually came to live in palaces and receive horses and jewels and such ( as a teenager, no less), she could hardly believe her luck! Go easy on her; she simply reached her I-enjoy-being-a-girl stage a bit late.


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