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Thou Art the Tops, Pops!

Today is Father’s Day in the States, and on this day I’d like to draw attention to the prominent dads of the Tudor dynasty…

  • Edmund Tudor (dad to Henry VII) 
  • Henry VII (dad to Henry VIII, Arthur Prince of Wales, Margaret Queen of Scots,  and Mary Queen of France)
  • Henry VIII (dad to lowly girls Mary I and Elizabeth I, and exalted boy Edward VI, not to mention the illegitimate Henry Fitroy)
  • God the Father  (heavenly dad to all those Catholics and Protestants who were killing each other during this time period)
  • James V of Scotland (dad to Mary Queen of Scots)
  • Henry Grey  (dad to Lady Jane Grey)

While our modern dads are happy to spend time with their children and the rest of their families today, that tie or cologne or barbeque equipment is certainly appreciated. Back in the day, however, simply becoming a father (especially to a son for certain men, ahem!) and carrying on that bloodline was a gift in itself. Considering the grim truth about personal hygenie in the 16th century, it’s a shame that cologne wasn’t an option after all!



  CN wrote @

nice post. thanks.

  Anne Barnhill wrote @

I would not have wanted either Henry’s for dads. Hmmm. Maybe being the daughter of a lowly farmer would be okay. But then, your safety would be at risk–like if the king saw you and liked you—well, there goes the virginity.

  Casey Williams wrote @

After learning the history of Henry the V11 its pretty obvious to me that this could have had a lot to do with Henry the Eights issues he had with women, or any other kind of relationship for that matter.

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