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After You, Who?

Here’s a stellar 5:40 bit from Showtime on life after Henry VIII . He was a tough act to follow, for sure, but someone had to do it! Take a gander at how the succession went for the remainder of the Tudor period.



  Amy D.K. wrote @

Did you notice that Michael Hirst gets his history wrong? He says that Seymour had something to do with trying to install Lady Jane Grey on the throne when it wasn’t him at all, in fact he was dead by then. It was John Dudley, the Duke of Northumberland.

  barbalexander wrote @

Absolutely! Hirst talks about Eddie VI being sick, his skin changing, his losing his hair, and THEN Hartford (Ed Seymour) trying to get Lady Jane Grey on the throne. Edward Seymour, as you mentioned, was already dead. He died in January 1552 and Eddie’s first bout with the sickness was in April of 1552. It looks really grim for him at the start of 1553. John Dudley, the Duke of Northumberland, was indeed the instigator in the Lady Jane Grey drama.

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