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Well done, “Cromwell”

Now that the Emmy nominations have been announced, and Showtime’s “The Tudors” has been honored with four nomination (cinematography, art direction, costumes, and hair), we are reminded of some of the fantastic performances by the talented actors in this series.

One fan favorite is James Frain as Thomas Cromwell. Prior to “The Tudors,” I wonder how many of us really empathized with Henry’s right-hand man. However, Frain’s performance (and his uncanny ability to disappear into his roles) drove home the point that this ambitious social climber was simply doing his job. And that wasn’t an easy task, when your boss changed his mind about what was good/bad more often than he changed his doublet and hose.

Take a trip down memory lane with Frain/Cromwell, and Coldplay of course, since “Viva La Vida” is used for about 95% of these Tudor YouTube videos. Hey, it works! A bit frenetic at first, but a reminder of the executions Cromwell pulled off (out of necessity). You can surely guess how it all wraps up.


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  teri wrote @

James Frain was an amazing Cromwell. His portrayal went a long way in rehabilitating the real man’s image. Cromwell was no saint but neither was he pure evil. He was a man like many of his time…trying to make good for himself and his family. Unlike most commoners of ‘low birth’, Cromwell managed through sheer will and intelligence to become second only to the king. He was wily and relentless in his causes and in his postion as advisor. But, he was also generous, a loving family man, kind to his servant, and promoted people of talent as opposed to rank. He was the driving force for The Reformation and the break with Rome…which was a huge step in the right direction for England.

Cromwell had plenty of the good and the evil in him. James Frain captured both sides elequently. You hated him then you loved him. Far from a cardboard cut out villain….just a very complex and intriguing man.

Becuse of his performance in ‘The Tudors’, I’ve read everything I can find on Cromwell..including the wonderful ‘Wolf Hall’. Whether Hilary Mantel meant it or not, I see Frain’s Cromwell in that novel very clearly.

It’s a pity there were no nominations for Mr Frain.

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