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Wow, It’s Awfully Quiet in Here

With 118 years of history to work with, why has it been so quiet over here in Tudor/cheek land? T’is because I’m in the process of moving myself and my family a few states away, so my life is getting a bit crazy. I’m actually one of those odd people who loves moving! But I just need to ensure that my compulsive list making & crossing off is in line with our moving schedule, and that’s coming at the expense of updating the Tudor Tutor blog.

I apologize for being so lame but plan on being back to normal by the end of the month. Meanwhile, there’s  a little more action on my Facebook page and my Twitter page, so please come join me there if you aren’t already. I’ll wake the blog up when September ends.



  Anne Barnhill wrote @

Happy moving! You said states–are you in the US? I’m in NC. Look forward to the next edition!

  barbalexander wrote @

Thank you, Anne! I am in the States.

  Karen Hollands wrote @

WOW – Barb, this is brilliant !

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