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Guess Who I Ran Into Today!

As I turned a bend in one of the galleries at Washington D.C.’s National Gallery of Art this morning, I ran into a familiar face!                                                                        

(click for a larger view)

Hans Holbein the Younger whipped up this portrait of toddler Eddie VI in around 1538.

The text translates to “Little one, emulate thy father and be the heir of his virtue; the world contains nothing greater. Heaven and earth could scarcely produce a son whose glory would surpass that of such a father. Do thou but equal the deeds of thy parent and men can ask no more. Shouldst thou surpass him, thou has outstript all, nor shall any surpass thee in ages to come. By Sir Richard Morison.”

He is holding a golden rattle, what every baby needs! The gold accents in the painting really stand out and add some nice texture to this regal portrait. Little Ed is the only Tudor I ran into on the main floor of the National Gallery but next time I go I will explore the lower floor for more of our favorite family.



  Anne Barnhill wrote @

Poor fellow–I always feel sorry for him–died so young, no mother living–a short, sad life.

  Ron Tedwater wrote @

Really nice post,thank you

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