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A Tudor Under the Tree

Beyond the obvious “buy a biography” or “buy a DVD,” I’d like to throw a few other ideas at you for the Tudor fans on your gift list. Or perhaps you’d like to drop hints to your loved ones for yourself?

Toasting the founder of the dynasty is easy with this Henry VII stein. Just because life got juicer after he’d passed is no reason to forget Granddaddy Tudor himself, especially at the holidays.

The Massive Monarch and all six wives get officially stuffed in this plush ornament collection from the official Historic Royal Palace Shop (although they are available elsewhere as well).  The whole gang can also be found on this “polygamy” (don’t shoot the messenger) tee-shirt.

Your gift can help a loved one keep cozy when it is this sweatshirt featuring Thomas More, the “patron saint of Nowhere” (“nowhere” being the translation of the Greek word “Utopia,” the name of More’s book).

Doll maker extraordinaire Madame Alexander has the perfect lady for the collector on your list: this regally-dressed Catherine of Aragon doll.  You’ll just have to ignore the jet-black hair and dark eyes; the doll maker has fallen for the same “Catherine was Spanish so she must have been dark” idea that a lot of people have. Ah well.

Of course the complete series of “The Tudors” is a no-brainer for fans of the Showtime drama. And do note, it is a Showtime drama and not a documentary, so please keep that in mind when the Princesses Mary and Margaret Tudor merge into one person and when Kitty Howard practices naked in front of a chopping block.

If you like your Henry VIII clad in lots of restrictive armor instead of prancing around with no bits left to the imagination, slap on all the protection you like with this magnetic armour dress-up set from the National Portrait Gallery.

This die-cut Elizabeth I greeting card is perfect for thanking others for their holiday generosity, or for simply jotting down your approval for your rival’s execution. Just kidding! Slap one of these Anne Boleyn “The Most Happy” stamps on the envelope and you’re all set.

Thanks to Lara on this blog for the tip on this nifty Henry VIII & wives bracelet.

Help the history student on your list get their dates straight with some Tudors timeline cards or just help them brush up on the dynasty in general with this activity packet featuring info, a family trees, a crossword, and a wordsearch.

Know someone who likes the less-obvious Tudor stars? How about this darling headless Lady Rochford doll? Or this one of Margaret Pole?

And for that Tudor fan who can’t seem to get off the computer (we either know one or are one!), there is this classic Tudor rose mousepad or this mousepad featuring a pop-art version of the Virgin Queen. And if you were the recipient of a fine Tudor gift last year, you may be ordering one of these lovely gifts on such a mousepad right now!



  Anne Barnhill wrote @

And you can find all sorts of stuff at–jewelry, dresses, just all sorts of things! Thanks!

  Lara wrote @

Don’t forget! There is a lot of jewelry and clothing and other neat things, including a GORGEOUS silver bracelet with oval portraits of Henry and his six wives–I so want it!!


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