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He’s No Jamie Oliver, But He’ll Do

You become king and everyone wants a piece of the act, right? Pretenders coming out of the woodwork! When Henry VII headed the great Tudor dynasty, one of the pretenders he faced was the prepubescent Lambert Simnel.

Little Lambert was first passed off as Richard, Duke of York (one of the Princes in the Tower) and then as Edward, Earl of Warwick (who was, at the time, in a cell in the Tower). He was crowned as Edward VI in Dublin when he was just a lad of 10.

The Yorkists who were behind him took him along to the Battle of Stoke Field on 16 June 1487, to show the king who was really king. Only it didn’t turn out that way, and Lambert’s commander-friends perished in battle or were captured.

Not only did wise Henry VII spare the young Lambert’s life, recognizing that the poor kid was just a pawn in an adult’s game, he gave him a  job in the palace kitchens! He became responsible for menial jobs such as turning the spit while the goose cooked, cleaning up, that kind of thing. He was later promoted to the eviable post of royal falconer. I am reminded of the Abominable Snow Monster on that Rudolph special about misfit toys, who starts off all threatening and then they give him the job of putting the star on the Christmas tree, because he’s so darn tall.  Bingo! No more threat and everyone’s happy.

They say that Lambert died of natural causes around 1525 — a much different ending than it could have been, as someone on the wrong end of a Tudor plot.



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