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Funeral procession of Elizabeth I of England, ...

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Today is the anniversary of Elizabeth I’s funeral and burial, and the British Library has a 17th century snapshot, if you will, of her funeral procession on a 40-ft scroll. The participants are labelled and all; it’s fascinating! (The detail on the coats of arms and on the flag are particularly good.)

Remember to keep clicking “View the Next Section” when you reach the far right hand side of the scroll, and enjoy!



  Anne Barnhill wrote @

This is really cool! Thanks!

  SG wrote @

Thanks for that.

Your link is to google image, so I can’t see how to click to next section.

  barbalexander wrote @

Hi there, the sections are part of the actual link I mention, not the photo. Click the highlighted words in the article, “her funeral processional on a 40-ft scroll” and it will bring you to the page on which you can start viewing the scroll. Let me know if you can see it.

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