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May It Last Much Longer Than Any of Henry VIII’s!

So I got up at 6 a.m. Eastern Time (and my kids willingly joined me!) to watch The Big Event, snapping the above pic along the way — What an amazing start to the day!

Kate (sorry: Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge now) looked every bit the royal in her classy gown and tiara, and Prince William was all handsome and military and heir-like.

Personal fave moment: Did anyone else catch when Kate’s brother was reading during the ceremony and she was looking all around at the crowd? Prince William was calming reading along, very “I’ve been to a ton of these posh ceremonies,” and something made him look toward Kate. When he saw she had been looking all around, he caught her eye and gave her a little tilt of the head, as if to say “Hello?? All right there? Please don’t act starstruck, dahling, you’re one of us now!”

What else stood out to me? 

 Top it all off with a beautiful, rain-free day and two smooches on the balcony, and that’s a royal wedding for ya!



  Anne Barnhill wrote @

Well, I didn’t get up but I’m sure I’ll see the highlights on TV. It is still interesting to watch all that pomp. Will you be taking a nap later?

  Claire wrote @

I watched it as well! It was on in the afternoon/evening for us in Australia which was perfect 🙂 I loved when Kate was walking down the aisle and Harry turned around to get a peek of her and apparently whispered to William something like ‘just wait til you see her, she looks beautiful’. Cute!
Oh and I liked when William & Kate walked out onto the balcony at buckingham palace and you could see Kate saying ‘oh wow!’ 🙂

  A Different Lara wrote @

Yep. The Fascinator stole the show. And maybe call me crazy, but I find it highly mean they didn’t invite Fergie. Sure, she’s made mistakes (who hasn’t?) but I think it was a major thing to include her entire family, but not her. She could have sat in the back or something, but at least let her attend!!!
It was a perfect wedding. Just beautiful.

  Sara Stanton wrote @

I watched the replay of the ceremony at work with tea and scones to celebrate. I thought it was beautiful and I liked how William and Kate seemed like a normal couple in this huge event. I loved the small bit where she is walking up the aisle and Harry turns around and sees her, smiles that devilish smile and says something to his brother! I wonder what he said? He is so adorable!

  barbalexander wrote @

No nap, just coffee!

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