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Our Lady of the Perpetual Neck Ruff

I’m just back from the National Portrait Gallery in D.C., where I saw a certain Tudor monarch’s portrait displayed prominently at the end of a hallway. This one is dated 1558 and it’s by an unidentified artist. (Click the pic for a better view.)

It was painted shortly after she got the crown, so there are a few references to leave no question as to who is the rightful monarch. The words “Elizabeth Regina” & her father’s square-cut stone (“the Mirror of France”) around her neck drive home the point quite well, don’t you think?



  Anne Barnhill wrote @

Love the ruff and the ermine–she looks very happy and quite proud. Not a beauty in this picture–makes me wish we had photos back then.

  A Different Lara wrote @

GADS those things look uncomfortable. Can you imagine wearing them in the summer, sans air conditioning, in hot weather?

How did they do it? They were very STINKY, that’s how!

But yes, her outfit looks amazing.

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