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Take a Bite Out of the Tudor Tutor Social Network!

What can you expect from the Tudor Tutor in the social networking world?

If you “like” my Facebook page, you’ll hear from me once or twice per weekday, on average (and sometimes on weekends). I’ll link you to the latest blog post, share a Tudor-related newsstory with you, commemorate “this day in Tudor history,” or ask open-ended questions on the time period and its players, starting up a discussion among those who “like” the page.

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll get lots of Tudor-related news, video, facts, and photos during the day (mostly on weekdays). I’ll also link you to the latest blog post, reflect on “this day in Tudor history,” and go off on occasional tangents about coffee, food, Harry Potter, and current events. I love to retweet, so I’ll put interesting tweets I see right in your path as well.

Join me on the Tudor Tutor Facebook page, Twitter account, or both and I promise to keep you in the loop on the “latest” from 500 years gone by!

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