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Tudor Date Triple-Threat

Just after winning the Battle of Bosworth Fiel...

Henry Tudor rocks the crown as Henry VII after the Battle of Bosworth Field

What is it about 22 August?

On that date in 1485, the Tudor dynasty was born! The Battle of Bosworth Field took place and Henry Tudor claimed victory over Richard III, getting the dynasty off to a dramatic start and claiming the title of Henry VII.

Henry Tudor’s standard-bearer, Sir William Brandon, died right off the bat. That day, he left behind several little ones with his wife, Elizabeth.

One of these tots was a boy named Charles, whom you might recognize if I showed you this pic of this actor. Yes, Sir William’s little boy grew up to pal around with Henry VII’s little boy, eventually becoming the first Duke of Suffolk, marrying a number of times (including a marriage to Henry VIII’s sister Mary), and eventually dying on…

…the 22nd of August, in 1545. I can’t make this stuff up.


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Wow! Too many coincidences!

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