Your cheeky guide to the dynasty


His remarks on Newsnight after this summer’s London riots gave 102 academics from universities across Britain fuel to pen a letter to the BBC, encouraging them to stop referring to Dr. David Starkey as a “historian” except on the subject of the Tudors.

Oh please.   

Is Starkey all that concerned with other people’s opinions? Only he can answer that. Does he think before he speaks? Probably to a greater extent than the Duke of Edinburgh does.  A bespectacled gay man who was born crippled with two left feet, he says he knows hurt and prejudice and that he is “not, in any way, racist” but rather thinks racists are “demented.” I certainly agree with him there.

I was under the impression that we no longer publicly hang people for expressing their opinions. And Dr. Starkey,  who has certainly inspired ire in the past (I have to bring up this swipe at “pretty-girl history”), is also admired and respected by many for his vast knowledge and his tirelessness in sharing it with the Tudor-loving world.  So here I give you a lovely linkfest to just some of the myriad goods from that Tudor historian we all love to hate disagree with!

I intent to make this an on-going list, so please check back for more classic Starkey!


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