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God Hath Sent a Prince!…err, Princess!

Elizabeth I "Virgin Queen" by Alexia Sinclair

Today is the 478th birthday of our marvellous ginger queen, Elizabeth I! Oh sure, at that time her father was hoping there would be cause for a tiny codpiece in his newborn’s layette. But his wife (at that time) gave birth to a healthy baby girl who would go on to become on of Britain’s most iconic monarchs.

Thanks to Lara Eakins at, we can check out Elizabeth’s actual birth announcement! (and its transcript, if you can’t read fancy-shmany loop-de-loops.)  In the third line, dead center, you can see where “prince” was hastily corrected to “princess,” as hopes for a boy had been dashed.  

If there was ever a girl who had to be born a Virgo in order to survive, it was this one. Witty, organised, patient, methodical, and intelligent are traits of those born under this sign (and believe me, I know, I’m married to one!). Elizabeth was in the precarious position of queen during a tumultuous time in England’s history, and she could not flub it up. 

It was a miracle she got to that point to begin with, if you think about it:

  •  Once upon a time, Henry VIII was married to a fine catch, that Spanish princess Catherine of Aragon; they were supposed to live happily ever after. As we know, that didn’t work out, although a daughter (the future Mary I) was born.   
  • Elizabeth came next, to Henry and Anne Boleyn…but she was still a girl, and that wouldn’t do.
  • Henry finally found his heir in little Eddie, his son with Jane Seymour!
  • Eddie did succeed his father, but was one sick puppy after a while and died at the age of 15.
  • Next up: Mary I! Unhappy marriage, no heirs, cancer consumes her, and only then…
  • “The queen is dead: Long live the queen!” 25-year-old Elizabeth takes her place on the throne.

* Killer image of Elizabeth I at the top there, isn’t it? It’s by Australian photographer / digital artist Alexia Sinclair. You can find this image and the rest of the “Regal Twelve” here.



  Heidi wrote @

Magnificent portrayal of Elizabeth as part of a chess game. Indeed, she had to play political chess. And she won!

  Anne Barnhill wrote @

Love that artist rendering! Thanks!

  Alicia Sparks (@aliciasparks) wrote @

Thanks so much for sharing this, Barb! Alexia is SUCH an amazing artist!

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