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The King Next Door

When compared to his drama-addled successors, Henry VII seems to be the Stable One in the Tudor family, doesn’t he?  The man who grabbed the crown from Richard III in a heated battle and began one of the most iconic dynasties in English royal history looks quite subdued in light of the way the rest of the House of Tudor history played out.

I wanted to share with you the description of Henry VII as a family man which Francis Bacon wrote in his biography The Historie of the Raine of King Henry the Seventh (1622):

“Towards his Queene hee was nothing Vxorious nor scarce Indulgent; but Companiable, and Respective, and without Jealousie. Towards his children hee was full of Paternall Affection, Carefull of their Education, aspiring to their High Advancement, regular to see that they should not want of any due Honour and Respect, but not greatly willing to cast any Popular Lustre upon them.”  

I find it so interesting to delve into the character and reign of this man, probably because he is [sadly] such an afterthought. It’s worth mentioning that there is a new book out devoted to Henry VII; check it out!


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This sounds like a really good book! I’m intrigued by Henry VII and his mother. Thanks!

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