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A President’s Library Fit for a King

Walk into the Library of Congress and look up: Wow!

On a trip into D.C. last week, I finally applied for my reader card at the Library of Congress! I was excited to finally get my very own card, complete with my picture (how official! lol), which allows me to delve into lots of juicy research material at this gorgeous facility (see above).

Before I got comfy behind a computer for some in-depth searching of the State Papers Online: The Government of Britain 1509-1714, I explored the tourist end of the building. There is a wonderful exhibit on the second floor which I’d like to recommend to you: first, because it’s impressive and second, because you will find some books about our Tudors and the history of England in general on its shelves.

It’s Jefferson’s Library, a recreation of the 6,487 volumes (!!!) from Thomas Jefferson’s personal library which had been purchased by Congress. The third president of the United States had said “I cannot live without books” and there’s no reason to doubt him. His personal collection was organized by subject (as it is in the exhibit), such as Surgery, Botany, Mineralogy, Pastorals, Logic, and Tragedy; his interests were as highly-specified as they were varied.

Of particular interest in the History category are:

  • Life and Reign of King Henry the Eighth (Herbert)
  • The Workes of Sir Thomas More (London-1537)
  • Introduction to the History of Great Britain (Macpherson)
  • Annales of England: Containing the Reignes of Henry the Eighth, Edward the Sixth, Queen Mary (Francis Lord, B.P. [book publishing] of Hereford)
  • A Description of the State of Great Britain (London, 1652, Gildas)

To find these books, head to the third case from the left, and count four shelves down. There they are!


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Wow, this sound awesome! I wish I lived in DC. or at least close. Maybe I’ll take a trip up there one of these days!

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