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I’ve just come across this interesting bit from a 1931 newspaper (and resurrected in a Daily Mail article from several years ago). Have a look!

Apparently, one Anthony Hall (above) had been making his way around England, claiming that he’d been descended from an illegitimate love child of the unmarried Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. In a letter to George V (or as he’d addressed, “Mr. George Frederick Earnest Albert Windsor,”  he wrote:

“‘You have no connection with the British Royal Family. You are an outsider. ‘Therefore leave the country. I claim the Crown.”

As King Anthony, 23rd descendant of the House of Tudor, he delivered speeches to large crowds and even threatened to shoot George V “like a dog.”

Fortunately, “King Anthony” died without issue or William might have a real treat on his hands in the future.



  Anne Barnhill wrote @

Oh this makes me very curious! I want to know more about this guy–any further places of info? Thanks so much!

  Sam wrote @

This is really interesting! Sounds a bit like he was a little deluded but thanks for sharing!

  The Tudor Revolution wrote @

This is madness! But I love it! Thanks Tudor Tutor!

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