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That’s Why the Lady is a … Traitor

Being a teacher, I like to mull around the education section of the bookstore, which is exactly what I did this morning at Barnes & Noble (after having sat down for a while with my hazelnut latte and a pile of magazines). I flipped through an interesting book by Ron Clark called The End of Molasses Classes: Getting Our Kids Unstuck — 101 Extraordinary Solutions for Parents and Teachers  and came across a tidbit I just had to share with my fellow Tudorphiles:

Whilst teaching a roomful of 6th graders about Anne Boleyn’s demise, Clark asked the class what we would call a person who did what Anne was accused of having done. When met with silence, he emphasised that Anne had been accused of being unfaithful to the king and therefore betrayed her country, so she would be a ….  (nope, nothing but silence again).

Clark asked once more tried but tried a bit of spelling help: “C’mon, she would be a T – R – A …”

A little light went on for the whole class as they finally responded in unison, “Tramp!!”



  Eliza wrote @

Very funny!!

  Bridgett wrote @

OMGoodness!! Gheesh, thx for sharing, I laughed. But also feel sad about it.

  James Peacock (@James8633) wrote @

Haha brilliant Barb- kids ca be so funny you must get such a laugh regularly :D! Poor Anne though 😦

  Jess wrote @

My students are not to mean to Anne, they are pretty ruthless to Henry, though.

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