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A Tudoriffic Christmas!

Are there really six days left until Christmas?? I’m usually a good planner, list maker, and so on, but this year I have found myself with less than a week remaining and loose ends left to wrap up! At least I have completely my Christmas post for you: giftwrapped and tied with a bow, here are some Tudor Christmas goodies.

Check this out for commentary on Tudor-era Christmases mingled with holiday pics from the Showtime series “The Tudors.” For a Christmas 1536 scene via the series, here’s some Joyeux Noel from Henry VIII and his une grande heureuse famille, apparently. And as if the Transiberian Orchestra’s brilliant “Christmas Eve / Sarajevo” needed any further angst, here is a well-made fan vid using scenes from “The Tudors.”

Step this way for all the details on the swank Christmas bash at Hampton Court palace and have a look at this 4-minute video from Historic Royal Palaces regarding a genuine Tudor Christmas as it would have been in the Massive Monarch’s day.

When I visited the Vivat Rex! exhibit in Washington DC’s Folger Shakespeare Library last fall, I was treated to the scrolls featuring Henry VIII’s holiday shopping list from 1539; you can see them here.

For the marvellous Tudor Advent Calendar from the Anne Boleyn Files, click here. Although there are not many days left, you can still click on days past to discover the treasures behind the numbers.

Imagine you have stepped into a Tudor Christmas celebration with this angelic performance of the Conventry Carol. And why not have some fun as the Muppets take on that popular 16th-century carol, “We Wish You a Merry Christmas”!



  Anne Barnhill wrote @

Thanks for all these goodies! I’ll take my time perusing them all. May you have a great holiday and here’s to a wonderful 2012!

  barbalexander wrote @

Thank you, Anne, and same to you! Also, thanks for always taking the time to leave me your thoughts on the blog posts. =)

  Lindsay wrote @

Just FYI – the link for the Henry VIII Christmas at Hampton Court Palace says it’s Henry and Kathryn PARR, not Howard. Epiphany 1546. Oh, and now I really want to go to Hampton Court Palace, dangit. 🙂

  barb wrote @

Thanks, Lindsay! The blog post is from last year and the HCP event at that time was Henry and K. Howard. Since they’ve updated the event for this year, of course, it no longer says that! =D I’ll correct it.

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