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Food, Glorious Food!

Just a reminder that, for our UK friends, the Yesterday channel is airing “A Tudor Feast at Christmas” tonight, 20 December, at 9:00 pm, so try to catch it if you can. The description is as follows:

“Historians and archaeologists forego the convenience of modern equipment and turn back the clock to re-create a feast with the ingredients, recipes and methods that would have been used more than 400 years ago. Part of the Medieval season.”

Maybe they’ll mention that superduper Tudor masterpiece, the Christmas pie: A pigeon shoved into a partridge shoved into a goose shoved into a turkey…all baked up in pastry dough. (Sure, why not at that point?) 

(Thanks to our friend Amy on the Tudor Tutor Facebook page for the heads-up regarding this series on YouTube, for those outside the UK who cannot watch tonight: Part 1, 2, 3, and 4.)

So to carry on the food-theme and because I’m trying to make a blog a bit more, well, bloggish, I’m taking the liberty of sharing just a few of my fave places to grab a bite or enjoy a leisurely meal. When the holidays have worn off and you’re ready to have another nosh out and about, give one of these a try if one is nearby you:


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  Charna Blumberg wrote @

I showed my daughter the drinks. Now she wants to make the Elizabeth I. Typical. First I will have to make sure our home insurance is paid up!

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