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Mary? Quite Contrary!

This not only gets up my history-nerd dander but my proofreading/editing-nerd dander as well. For crying out loud, “Bloody Mary” refers to Mary I, not Mary Queen of Scots!

(thanks to The Anne Boleyn Files and Tudor friend Sarah Butterfield for pointing this out.)



  Claire Ridgway wrote @

When I emailed Cox about this I got this reply:-
“I am aware of the historical issues and potential inaccuracy surrounding the image used on our label. The origins of the name of the Bloody Mary Cocktail do vary significantly and when we were developing the image for the pack we wanted to use an iconic Mary as the figurehead – we toyed with Mary Poppins, ‘Mary had a little lamb’, even the Virgin Mary (we felt this would have been a bit of issue putting it mildly), all holding a ‘Bloody Mary’. We felt that this image of Mary Queen of Scots was a very iconic image and lent itself well to her enjoying a drink. I hope this goes someway to explain our decision and we may well use an image of Mary 1st in the future.”

  barbalexander wrote @

Thanks for posting their reply, Claire! I wasn’t able to link to the specific thread on your FB with this info, but I was able to link (above) to the original post w/ the pic and that discussion. I might have found it a bit funnier if they’d actually USED one of the other Marys, but to use the other prominent Mary from the same era just makes it look like a ginormous error, IMO.

  Claire Ridgway wrote @

Yes, there would have been trouble if they’d used the Virgin Mary holding a Bloody Mary!

  Michele R (@Mlea64) wrote @

Just from Mary I portrait I can see why she is called Bloody Mary. That was one creepy looking woman.

  barbalexander wrote @

Older Mary didn’t seem to be gifted in the beauty department, from accounts at the time. But she is referred to as Bloody Mary because of all the Protestants she had killed. Her predecessors and successor also went a bit kill-crazy but they get a pass as they aren’t Catholic and the country moved away from Catholicism. 😉

  Anne Barnhill wrote @

They aren’t the first nor will they be the last to mix these two up–you should have heard me trying to explain them to my 9 year old granddaughter ! But then, these guys aren’t nine!!

  Bill Barber wrote @

Come to think of it, Mary, Queen of Scots did get a lot of blood all over her, but, still…

Not quite buying Cox’s squirming response.

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