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  Anonymous wrote @

Elizabeth must have had loads of time on her hands if she had to draw all those curlicues!

  Anne Barnhill wrote @

I love all these–thanks for gathering them for us! I wish I were a handwriting analyst and could figure out what each person was like–quite interesting!

  Anthony wrote @

very interesting and different kind of post. I love your creativity and imagination!

  gillianbagwell wrote @

This is great!

  Anonymous wrote @

awesome! thanks for sharing

  JessieD wrote @

I love Elizabeth’s signature – truly lovely and befitting of a queen.

  JessieD wrote @

Well, she did spend time in the Tower during her childhood – she would have certainly had plenty of time on her hands to worry about her future! Any distraction would surely have been welcomed!

  Samuel wrote @

Since heirs were more important than heesrises in the line of succession, Henry favored Edward over Mary and Elizabeth. Henry wanted sons, not daughters.

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