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Today is St. David’s Day, a national holiday in our Tudors’ family homeland of Wales. Although it’s not a national holiday in the UK, it is celebrated with much fanfare across Wales: parades, concerts, food festivals, wearing of the daffodil. consuming of lamb/leek stew, and so on. Lots of fun! Well, not for the lambs. But otherwise a lovely celebration!

Remember, then, on this day, that our favourite dysfunctional family had their origins in Wales, where they were the “Tudurs.” When you think “Tudors,” think Wales — Pin on a daffodil and enjoy this 1st day of March!



  tonyriches wrote @

I have spent St David’s day in the tiny city of St Davids and raised a glass to Sir Jasper Tudor, saviour of the Tudor dynasty

  dewey wrote @

i had never made the connection as of yet. you realy, know your facts. that is why i love reading you blogs. and i do love our “family” you ever wondering what it would be like had our tudors had heirs and the direcet royals were down through herny 8th and eliz. 1st can you tell me is there any links to this side of the family tree out there , today?

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