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Golden Girl

Noble gal, college founder, Tudor granny, and all-around impressive lady: Hever Castle’s season reopening features this newly-unveiled portrait of Margaret Beaufort!
David Starkey recently unveiled this gorgeous portrait of the woman he’s referred to as England’s “most powerful woman of her time.” Although this one was painted during the reign of her great-granddaughter, Elizabeth I, it is nonetheless impressive as it conveys a certain combination of calmness and strength.


  Anne Barnhill wrote @

She looks a lot like her son, Henry VII, the same austere stare–serious chick, definitely!

  WilesWales wrote @

I would agree with Anne, and I think it’s absolutely wonderful is will be displayed at Hever. It’s about time Anne Boleyn got some recognition. She was such an extraordinary woman, innocent of her accusations, and mother of the greatest monarch England has ever had (after her came the Stuart dynasty with James VI or Scotland, and James I of England, which combined England and Scotland)!!!

  ginneyb wrote @


  WilesWales wrote @

The portrait looks incredibly like Henry VII, and is quite well done. I think hanging it at Hever Castle finally gives Anne Boleyn credit for being a true English Queen (I also wish they would exhume Anne’s body and bury at Westminster with her daughter, Elizabeth). It also is a tribute to Elizabeth I, who was the greatest Monarch England ever had! Upon the succession after Elizabeth which she made with a hand signal on her deathbed, to James VI of Scotland, and James I of England uniting England and Scotland. Thank you! WilesWales

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