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The Final Countdown

Today in 1536, Anne Boleyn was arrested and shipped off to the Tower of London. I’m afraid it’s all downhill from here, kids. I have a clearer idea of Anne’s final weeks after having read Alison Weir’s The Lady in the Tower a few years ago — Have you read it yet? I really like how it concentrates on such a short period of time, all leading up to a [dreadfully] iconic moment in Tudor history.

Whilst I will try to refrain from approaching Weir’s record for suspect or absent sources, as well as her muddling of hypothesis and fact (oh dear, I’ve said too much!), this book was a quick read with a great focus. Plus, I read it during May so it was nice (eerily nice?) to be in the same time of year as the book’s setting.

For an early May refresher on the events to come, do check out my previous posts on the fates of the men Anne was found guilty withthe day of her execution, and her fabulous final fashion statement.

This extensive page  from the Institute of Historical Research details all the ‘Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic’ for  Henry VIII from the 11th-15th May, 1536. You know what those dates mean. Here’s an excerpt: “Your man George has arrived, who confirms the news touching the King’s concubine, and, as we suppose that the King will put her and her accomplices to death and take another wife, as he is of amorous complexion and always desires to have a male child.” Eeesh. 

** Please tell me that the title of this post was your musical cue for this! I’m off to download it from iTunes right now. And perhaps I can teach my son to play the riff on his Fender?


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