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Shipping the Tudors

If you’re on the Internet enough (which I am) and you eventually come across, for example, Harry Potter sites (which I do, no judging, I love those books!) or any number of young-adult-centered Tumblrs for that matter, you will see the term “ship.” This seems to mean “to support a relationship between A and B.” Take for instance, “I’ve always shipped Hermione and Draco. Dramione for the win!”

So along the same lines, do people do this with Tudor figures as well? What would we get when “shipping” the following real or hoped-for combos and combining them?…

  • Henry VII & Elizabeth of York = Henribeth? Elizary?
  • Henry VII & Juana of Castille = Juanary?
  • Henry VIII & any of his wives = Cathery? Annery? Janery? 
  • Henry VIII & Bessie Blount = Besserie? Henribess?
  • Princess Margaret Tudor & James IV = Jimmimarge?
  • Charles Brandon & Princess Mary = Marychuck? Charlimare?
  • Lady Jane Grey & Guildford Dudley = Janiford? Guildijane?
  • Mary I & Philip = Philimare? Marylip?
  • Elizabeth I & Robert Dudley = Elizabert? Elizabob?
  • Elizabeth I & England = Elizaland? Englibeth?  

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  Bill Barber wrote @

I’m assuming this stems from the movement that gave us ‘Bennifer’ and ‘Brangelina’. I know we live in postmodern times, but this stuff is beyond weird.

Oh, Ok…How about ‘Cromudor’

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