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Apples and Oranges

Just a quick post in light of today’s all-abuzz about the Church of England. While it was kind of neat to see “Church of England” trending on Twitter this morning (because, what is this, 1536?), the whole “Hello?? Isn’t that why the Church was founded? To redefine marriage?” thing being tweeted here and there is misguided and seemingly-convenient.

This is just a gentle reminder to reign ourselves in from judging past events by modern standards, just as we shouldn’t judge the lives of people who’ve been dead for 500 years by modern standards. Can we get that on a t-shirt?


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  Bill Barber wrote @

You are absolutely right. Henry didn’t necessarily want to redefine marriage. He simply wanted to get out of his own, and the Pope was under the thumb of Charles V.

Although he wasn’t a Lutheran, Henry was certainly part of the Northern European trend toward breaking Rome’s grip.

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