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Scotland the “Brave”

I see so many Tudorphiles who are smitten with Elizabeth I because of her sheer don’t – need – a – man independence. Love for the perceived moxie in Anne Boleyn’s personality is another common thread for this dynasty’s devotees. If either of these statements describes you, you’re going to love the new Disney/Pixar film, “Brave”!

Without making this a film review, I do want to say I enjoyed the movie much more than I’d expected. Pixar’s past (“Toy Story,” “The Incredibles,” etc) has put us in a position where we judge each new installment against other Pixar offerings, instead of on its own merit, or against other films. This is what happened with “Cars 2.” And I know I’m in the minority, but I feel that “Up” was incredibly overrated. The first 10 excellent minutes should have been a short, and that’s it. No grumpy guy, no annoying boy scout, no annoying bird, no annoying talking dogs … I’m sensing a pattern here.

So when I read some top-critic reviews before going to “Brave,” I thought I’d be underwhelmed again. I was wrong. Maybe it’s my affinity for Scotland, for that “1,000 years ago” nostalgia, for royal history. Maybe it’s my delight at a female protagonist with cheek to spare (and a gorgeous head of ginger corkscrews which cannot be contained, much like the girl herself).

Have a look at this clip. “I’ll be shootin’ for my OWN HAND.” Shades of Elizabeth I, for sure. Get out and see it as soon as you can; thank me later. =)


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