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A Rose By Any Other Name is Probably the Ship…

I’m in a rumour-slaying mood this week. So let me throw this out there before it gets ugly:

There is a new biography out by David Loades, who is steeped in Tudor history and should not have let this one get by. Its title is Mary Rose: Tudor Princess, Queen of France, The Extraordinary Life of Henry VIII’s Sister. Amazon calls it “the first biography of Princess Mary Rose for 50 years” but I suppose that is the line given them from the publisher.

So what’s the problem? Well, Henry VIII’s sister was just “Mary.” Stop calling her Mary Rose, for the love of Pete. You know who you are. Mary Rose was the ship. Mary Tudor was the sister. The ship wasn’t necessarily named after her. Read this, before I hold my breath and turn blue. And don’t make me say it again!



  Lori wrote @

I`ve often wondered what their middle names were.

  barbalexander wrote @

They don’t seem to have had middle names.

  Keith Braidwood wrote @

The ‘Rose’ part of the name seems to be a 20th century addition. There are numerous articles/blogs/books mentioning Princess Mary Rose and some even referring to her as the ‘Tudor Rose’. One of our favourite ‘historians’ (going by the initials AW) also calls her Princess Mary Rose. While it is thought, although not definite, that Henry’s ship the Mary Rose was named both for his favourite sister and the Tudor rose, I wonder if the reference to the Tudor rose had been either ignored or it was simply stated that the ship was named after his sister with no reference to the rose at all.

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