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Cecily Heron, a daughter of Thomas More

Centuries from now, no one will have a hard time finding pictures of us: Many 21st-century folk have been immortalised in those online shrines to ourselves which we have created. But to picture Tudor-era individuals, we rely on the works of portrait painters and other artworks, which may or may not be accurate.

Regardless, we can appreciate the works for what they are — What are some of your favorite portraits or other representations of Tudor-era figures? Here are some of mine…

Catherine of Aragon by Michael Sittow – her eyes downcast, she looks humble and so very young (which she was!)

Bishop John Fisher by Hans Holbein the Younger – ironically, it’s the starkness of this sketch which brings the bishop to life

Cecily Heron (daughter of Thomas More) by Hans Holbein the Younger – simple and with an unusual angle; seems like a candid image

Mary I by Anthonis More – looks like a photograph and, while her features are starting to take on a severe appearance, her sumptuous clothes look amazing here

Christina of Denmark (contender for Wife #4) by Hans Holbein the Younger  – another photo-quality painting, with a peaceful appearance

Marie de Guise (mother of Mary Queen of Scots) by Corneille de Lyon – her expression is unusual and quite pensive

Mary Queen of Scots by Francois Clouet – a delicate strength in this sketch, I believe

Sir Walter Raleigh by Nicholas Hilliard – maybe it’s something to do with my affinity for the New Romantic movement back in the 80s? 😉 You’ve gotta love this splendid image!

Elizabeth I by an unknown artist – She’d been dead for about 7 years at the time of this painting. But she decreed that there would be no bad portraits of her when she was alive. And she looks absolutely wiped here, which I imagine she was as her life came to a close.



  Anonymous wrote @

Love these pictures! THanks! I had not seen the Cecily Heron one before.

  Angel Lynn Piper wrote @

Hilliard made everyone look amazing.

  Jplynch wrote @

Ok-1. Love this!
2. This might be a dumb question, but what type of hood is Mary de Guise wearing? It’s like a combination of French and gable, and I am wondering if there is a “proper term” …?

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