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Look at That Cover Girl!


BBC History Magazine’s April issue  goes on sale in the UK on 28 March, and it’s a Tudor special! It includes three features on the Tudor family and their era:

  • The trial of Anne Boleyn –Guilty as charged, or an innocent woman? Suzannah Lipscomb examines theories as to why Henry VIII sent Anne Boleyn to the scaffold in 1536.
  •  The Spanish Armada –Elizabeth I’s England was ill-prepared for the attempted Spanish invasion of 1588, says Robert Hutchinson.
  •  The Tudor breakfast revolution –Ian Mortimer discovers that breakfast hasn’t always been regarded as the most important meal of the day

Fantastic — Can’t wait to get this one!

*Thanks to Carolyn Wray at BBC History Magazine for sending me the image and the heads-up (no pun intended!) on this



  Bill Barber wrote @

What a cutie.

  Dawn wrote @

Where can we find this magazine in the US?

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