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FB Page Closing…Not Others, Though!


Hello there!
Please be advised that I will be deleting my Facebook page shortly, and I have several reasons:
* I have been running short on time to devote a fair effort to keeping up with happenings, anniversaries, etc.
* I can’t always keep up with the threads to effectively reply to / monitor / add to them
* I’m not a fan of the drama that can often spin out of control on a simple post!
* At the moment, my schedule and other factors allow me to more effectively keep up with my social media accounts on Instagram and Twitter, and occasionally on my blog.

THANK YOU ALL for your participation on and your support of the FB page in the past. Please do find me on the aforementioned platforms. Keep reading history, my friends!! =)


I’ll Tumble for Ya


I’m on a social-media whirl this week! Well, I’ve always loved reaching out via social media channels, but there were a few I hadn’t yet embraced. That’s all changed! A few days ago I joined Snapchat (thetudortutor), and today I’m fresh onto tumblr.

I hope I’ll see you there, over there, and everywhere!