Your cheeky guide to the dynasty


Are you a historian?

No and I don’t claim to be. So please don’t challenge me to any academia duels. =)

Can I repost what you’ve written here on my page?

Please don’t repost text, but you may link. Thanks!

Why the Tudors? Was it because of the TV show?

Not at all! For years I was working on a “cheeky” history of all the monarchs of England, starting with William the Conquerer. And then I had my two children, one right after the other, and was lucky to be able to recall my own name, let alone organise historic information. Once they started school, I was able to dive back into the past more often! Eventually I kept coming back to the Tudors in most of my research and decided to focus on them for a while. “A while” turned into a new book idea and then this blog.

Are you even British?

I’m American, but I’ve been an Anglophile for as long as I can remember. I lived in England for a few years right after I married my husband and would love to move back someday!

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