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Must-Read: The King is Dead!


As a Kindergarten teacher in this day and age, I truthfully cannot find an iota of time while school is in session to read anything that isn’t about phonemic awareness, differentiated instruction, or project-based learning. But Christmas break recently hit and, darn it, I was going to unwind with Suzannah Lipscomb‘s latest book if it was the last thing I did!

The first thing that grabs the reader is the lush cover and its unusual square shape. Visually, it’s a unique stunner. The calligraphy and illuminated manuscript detail, combined with rich colour and Tudor monarch portraits on the border, set a grand setting before the book is even opened.

The inner artwork is equally ambrosial, a mix of color portraits, manuscripts, maps, and pencil sketches by (or in the manner of) Hans Holbein.Can you tell I like my books to be aesthetically pleasing? But what good is a gorgeous tome if it isn’t a pleasurable and intriguing read? The King is Dead is that indeed.

I prefer a teaser-version for book reviews, so as not to spoil anything for the reader. In that way, I can tell you that Dr. Lipscomb guides us through the creation of Henry VIII’s will via his marriages and children, the religious activity of the time, the Acts of the Succession, and his advisors and executors. She explores and challenges popular notions on the will’s “intended meaning, its authenticity and validity, and the circumstances of its creation.”

Dr. Lipscomb’s tone is both professional and conversational, inspiring delight as well as confidence in her authority. There are 168 pre-appendix pages; it is a very manageable book which took me two nights to devour.

This history treasure can be found on here and here. I know you will savor it as much as I have!




Your Gift Problems, Solved!


What history fanatic wouldn’t love a history book as a gift? Here’s an idea! 😉

Guess What Day It Is…


It’s Book Release Day!

You can find my book (with 50+ gorgeous illustrations by Lisa Graves) in bookstores and on Amazon (US, UK, and select European channels). 🙂

It’s Almost Here!


On the 3rd of November, the second edition of my book The Tudor Tutor: Your Cheeky Guide to the Dynasty will release! I’m terribly excited and am hoping you will enjoy it.

If you’re the impatient type, as I am, you can pre-order from Amazon here. Stay tuned!

Hey, UK…Hey, EU!

EU and Union flags outside the European commission

The news is out: When the second edition of my book releases this November, it will be available not only in the States but also in the UK and the EU! It will be distributed to booksellers there by Perseus. I’d received many questions regarding distribution and I just found out today, so I wanted to share. =)

I’ll Tumble for Ya


I’m on a social-media whirl this week! Well, I’ve always loved reaching out via social media channels, but there were a few I hadn’t yet embraced. That’s all changed! A few days ago I joined Snapchat (thetudortutor), and today I’m fresh onto tumblr.

I hope I’ll see you there, over there, and everywhere!

All Things “Teaching”


Did you know that the “tutor” in my title is a nod to my background in education? Aside from all the yummy history boards on my Pinterest page, I have a board devoted to my passion: education! There are ideas for fellow teachers regarding classroom organization, lesson tips and techniques, lighthearted teaching memes, quotes, and more. Go have a great time digging in over there!