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I Never Ask for Anything, but…

imageHello all!
May I please ask a favour of you today?
If you have read my little book, The Tudor Tutor: Your Cheeky Guide to the Dynasty, would you take a few moments to head over to Amazon or to goodreads and jot a few words?
It would be so very appreciated! THANK YOU!!

31 Days Left

imageWelcome to May! You won’t be able to escape Anne Boleyn this month (none of us will). Hang in there!

Oh, THERE it is.


I’ve seen some reviews of my book that lament a lack of description for the illustrations. I’m just here to point out that the list of illustrations and their pages are directly across from the table of contents!

FB Page Closing…Not Others, Though!


Hello there!
Please be advised that I will be deleting my Facebook page shortly, and I have several reasons:
* I have been running short on time to devote a fair effort to keeping up with happenings, anniversaries, etc.
* I can’t always keep up with the threads to effectively reply to / monitor / add to them
* I’m not a fan of the drama that can often spin out of control on a simple post!
* At the moment, my schedule and other factors allow me to more effectively keep up with my social media accounts on Instagram and Twitter, and occasionally on my blog.

THANK YOU ALL for your participation on and your support of the FB page in the past. Please do find me on the aforementioned platforms. Keep reading history, my friends!! =)

See What They Did, There?


Today is one of my fave dates in Tudor history! The reason is in the graphic, above. But whenever I share it, there are, without fail, many people who read it a bit incorrectly and then get upset with me! Be sure to read it carefully. =)

Must-Read: The King is Dead!


As a Kindergarten teacher in this day and age, I truthfully cannot find an iota of time while school is in session to read anything that isn’t about phonemic awareness, differentiated instruction, or project-based learning. But Christmas break recently hit and, darn it, I was going to unwind with Suzannah Lipscomb‘s latest book if it was the last thing I did!

The first thing that grabs the reader is the lush cover and its unusual square shape. Visually, it’s a unique stunner. The calligraphy and illuminated manuscript detail, combined with rich colour and Tudor monarch portraits on the border, set a grand setting before the book is even opened.

The inner artwork is equally ambrosial, a mix of color portraits, manuscripts, maps, and pencil sketches by (or in the manner of) Hans Holbein.Can you tell I like my books to be aesthetically pleasing? But what good is a gorgeous tome if it isn’t a pleasurable and intriguing read? The King is Dead is that indeed.

I prefer a teaser-version for book reviews, so as not to spoil anything for the reader. In that way, I can tell you that Dr. Lipscomb guides us through the creation of Henry VIII’s will via his marriages and children, the religious activity of the time, the Acts of the Succession, and his advisors and executors. She explores and challenges popular notions on the will’s “intended meaning, its authenticity and validity, and the circumstances of its creation.”

Dr. Lipscomb’s tone is both professional and conversational, inspiring delight as well as confidence in her authority. There are 168 pre-appendix pages; it is a very manageable book which took me two nights to devour.

This history treasure can be found on here and here. I know you will savor it as much as I have!



Your Gift Problems, Solved!


What history fanatic wouldn’t love a history book as a gift? Here’s an idea! 😉